Emergency Financial Assistance

We understand the impact of coping with a new regimen in the treatment of your HIV/AIDS diagnosis. It can become overwhelming and possibly have a negative effect on your finances. LIGHT’s Housing Case Management Team is available to assist with your needs, offering once-per-year emergency financial assistance to help with rent, utilities or food necessities. To inquire about assistance, contact Natalie Daniels at 443-524-0220 ext. 110 or email us at ndaniels@lighthealth.org.

Our financial aid process works with you to create a plan.

Upon calling to inquire about your eligibility for assistance, our Housing Case Manager will make an appointment for you to come into the office to fully assess your needs. Our staff will work with you to examine your current financial state, provide valuable financial planning and supply budgeting tools to assist you moving forward.

Once your needs have been assessed, we will develop a housing/care plan that will help to alleviate possible financial distress in the future, and provide you with your emergency funds to cover your immediate needs.

We are here to help you get back on your feet.

Whether it’s eviction prevention, the first month of rent, preventing the disruption of utilities, or lack of food to get you through, we are here to support you in your time of need. There is no shame in financial hardship–we all experience challenges. The important thing is getting the help you need to keep you safe and secure, and building a solid financial plan moving forward. Reach out to our team for confidential discussions and we will work hard to help you.

We can help you find a place all your own.

Our team are experts in navigating housing resources within the city and state. We can help you with locating financial assistance for safe transitional housing, rental vouchers and/or utility assistance vouchers. There are many local, state, and federal programs available to help you, and our team can help you find the programs you are eligible for and apply with ease.

Our LIGHT Housing Case Manager will also work with you to sharpen your financial literacy skills. This means understanding utilities, program benefits, rental agreements, budgeting, and more. We aim to find you secure housing and a secure financial plan.

For more information, contact Natalie Daniels at 443-524-0220 ext 110 or email us at ndaniels@lighthealth.org.