LIGHT Conversation Support Group

For those impacted by HIV/AIDS, life can bring emotional and social challenges. However, learning about how these challenges affect your feelings and behavior, as well as having an outlet to share struggles with others who are impacted, can help make addressing these challenges a little easier. For more information on our support groups and programs, contact Charmaine Stern-Megginson at 443-524-0220 ext 119 or email us at

Growing up impacted by HIV/AIDS can create feeling a sense of exclusion

LIGHT Conversation Support Groups provides comprehensive supportive services to those infected or impacted by HIV/AIDS. Our support groups create a safe space for teens and young adults to share struggles and victories, learn about this disease, and create lasting bonds with peers who struggle with similar issues. The teen to young adult years are crucial for emotional, physical, social, and mental growth. Our groups are created to help individuals have a sense of community and support, and empower them to take control of their health.

We believe education is key to prevention and ending stigmas.

As a part of our continuing mission to end the stigma surrounding individuals infected with HIV/AIDS and share prevention methods, LIGHT Conversation Support Groups also provide curriculum-based education workshops for those infected with HIV/AIDS to become more empowered to be self-advocates for their community in raising awareness.

Conversation Corner

As a part of LIGHT Conversation Support Groups, Conversation Corner is a male-focused group for SGL (same gender loving) men to discuss social issues and build lasting friendships with other SGL men. Conversation Corner is a celebration of the LGBTQ experience and a place to share the unique struggles and victories that come with being a man who loves other men. For more information on this group, contact Mayo McClinton at 443-524-0220 ext.120 or email at

Women’s Health Matters

Women’s Health Matters is open to women of all age groups who are struggling with chronic health issues. Group discussions surround women’s physical and mental health, as well as the day-to-day challenges that come with chronic health issues. Women’s Health Matters is designed to empower women to make informed decisions regarding their health and get support from other women struggling with health issues. Our group forms long-lasting bonds of emotional support and friendship. For more information on this group, contact Natalie Daniels at 443-524-0220 ext.110 or email at

For more information on our many support groups and programs, contact Charmaine Stern-Megginson at 443-524-0220 ext 119 or email us at