Non-Medical Case Management

Non-Medical Case Management Services assists HIV infected clients, who are unable to advocate for themselves, to maneuver the bureaucracies that exist in obtaining medical, legal, financial and other much needed support services. If you have been recently diagnosed and in need of assistance with resources, referrals and ongoing case management needs, we are here to support and advocate for you. We provide the health literacy knowledge needed to take control of your medical treatment and life. To learn more about Non-Medical Case Management, contact Natalie Daniels at 443-524-0220 ext 110 or email us at

Our team is here to provide:

  • Referrals and Self-Advocacy Tools for specialized medical care and mental health services. Our 20+ years of experience in the Baltimore region means we are knowledgeable about local healthcare providers. In addition, we encourage and educate clients on self-advocacy, supporting the confidence of clients in understanding what help you need and how to obtain it with a spirit of self-assurance.
  • Community Resources to support you in a gamut of capacities–whether it’s financial resources, linkage to care and referrals, or peer support. It can be exhausting to navigate through hundreds of local, state, federal, private, and nonprofit programs to find the ones that fit your needs. Our team has more than two decades of experience connecting people with assistance in the Baltimore area, and connections with many other organizations that are available to aid in your support.

We understand the difficulties you are facing.

Here at LIGHT, we understand that there are local and global health disparities that many face every day. Patients may struggle in attaining proper healthcare due to disparities and stigma based on gender, race, sexual orientation, or medical history. Our Non-Medical Case Management Team works hard to compile fully vetted resources to all you to receive the needed treatment and education without fear of discrimination.

You are not alone.

Receiving an HIV/AIDS diagnosis can be scary, making you feel isolated and lonely. We are here to help with psychosocial-emotional and treatment support, you are never alone. Our Non-Medical Case Management Team is here to connect you with the medical treatment you need to live a full life, not limited by your diagnosis. Our team will provide you with a wide range of support groups and mental health professionals who can help you process your diagnosis, welcoming you into a supportive community network.

Let’s get started.

When you choose LIGHT’s Non-Medical Case Management services, you will spend less time maneuvering the bureaucracies of medical, legal, financial, and other much-needed support services, we will tackle those tasks on your behalf, allowing you the time you need to process, evaluate and renewing your love for doing what makes you happy.

To get started or learn more about our Non-Medical Case Management Services, contact Natalie Daniels at 443-524-0220 ext 110 or email us at