Family Services

LIGHT offers a wide variety of services for any family affected by traumatic physical or mental health events, from monthly support meetings to quality respite family activities. To learn more about our Family Services, contact Delita Galanos at 443-524-0220 ext 112 or email us at

Our Services:

  • Resources for Caregivers: We understand how much of a toll caring for a loved one with major health issues can be. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable about the resources available to support your family mentally, financially, socially, and medically.
  • Mental Health Challenges: You don’t have to handle a mental health crisis alone. LIGHT’s Family Services Team works to support individuals and families, providing the services and resources needed to cope with mental health challenges.
  • Referrals for Mental Health: If you or a loved one is struggling with mental health issues, our team can provide referrals for experienced medical professionals in the Baltimore area. Our team can work to find the perfect fit for your circumstances and needs.
  • Educational Challenges: The early years of a child’s life are crucial for growing and learning, and we believe a solid foundation of knowledge is key for later success. If your child is struggling academically, our team can connect you with resources to obtain tutoring assistance, supporting children who have special educational needs, as well as assessing needs to promote ongoing academic success.
  • Family 2 Matters: LIGHT provides comprehensive support services for families of infants and young children who are infected/affected by HIV/AIDS, mental health trauma, or have been perinatally exposed to a dangerous drug by a substance-abusing and/or HIV/AIDS infected mother.

Curriculum-based parenting skills program (COPE): Our program for parents to develop the skills they need to strengthen family bonds, with an emphasis on cooperation and problem-solving. Participants work with other parents, forming support networks, and building skills.

To learn more about our family services, contact Delita Galanos at 443-524-0220 ext 112 or email us at